My name is Gabriel Rodriguez and I am 22 years old, I am from Venezuela with permanent residency in the USA. Currently I have finished my studies in industrial design in Barcelona, Spain. My first approach to the world of industrial design occurs at an early age; just as I finished my high school studies in 2008 I traveled to Leipzig (Germany) with the motivation to learn about other cultures. There I had the opportunity to not only learn the language but also do an internship at BMW in the area of design and quality control, where I began to delve into the world of industry.

After my experience in Germany, my next destination was the United States. In 2010 I started my studies in industrial design at the Art Institute of Colorado in Denver and performed parallel studies in graphic design at Colorado State University where I did a preparatory year and then specialize in Industrial Design in Spain, at the Istituto Europeo di Design Barcelona             (IED Barcelona) where I finished my studies in 2013.

After my studies in different countries I have acquired a broad view of design, both in aesthetics and the way of thinking to solve problems. I have a multidisciplinary approach of design, always addressing multiple areas, from sportive mobility to furniture and music. My approach to design is also very physical, always loving to build real size and scale models. My conceptual approach is always very rational and functional but also solving the proposals with a personal touch.

Among my latest projects is a collaboration with DosUno design studio from Colombia on an Open Source furniture project in 2012, and one of my more recent projects made with Jordi Gaspar and Manon Berlioz has been the development of an outdoor rest area for the music festival Primavera Sound in Barcelona in their May 2013 edition made with corrugated tube. On the last months I was doing an internship in Design Dies studio in Barcelona, involving the areas of industrial and interior design, and also collaborating on the fabrication of a fuel tank for a custom motorcycle with 4-id estudio in Barcelona.


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